Removing Friction From Keg Leasing


In today’s fast moving, competitive business landscape, removing friction and increasing speed-to-market is more important than ever. In the brewery and distillery industries, leasing kegs can be a useful tactic to reduce capital expenditures and increase flexibility.

Even though leasing kegs often makes sense from a flexibility perspective, unfortunately due to the cumbersome nature of leasing contracts, the process to acquire leased kegs can be tedious. Lengthy credit checks, multiple approver signoff process, and other measures often add days or even weeks to setup time for leasing options.

Breweries and distilleries may sometimes resort to simply purchasing kegs outright because the lease setup process is often an administrative burden. At 1855 Supply Co, we are dedicated to making leasing as easy and frictionless as possible. 

While we also offer keg purchasing, our leasing process is second to none, and is entirely optimized around getting kegs into customers’ businesses as quickly as possible. We offer fully online ordering and checkout, starting the shipping process simultaneously with signing a very simple leasing agreement, so by the time the agreement is signed, the kegs are ready for pickup or shipment. To try it out today, visit our Keg Leasing page to view our flexible leasing options.

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