First and foremost, we are trusted keg and chemical supply experts for our customers. Whatever your business may be that needs these products, at 1855 Supply Co. we are dedicated to helping you succeed, and we look forward to forging a partnership with you.

On this page, you’ll find out a little about us, and we’re looking forward to learning more about you and your business as we get to know each other better!



Ander is not only the source of the idea behind 1855 Supply Co., but also the financial leader in the company. As the finance leader, he helps manage vendors and is responsible for making sure the company is financially sound and aligned to customer needs. In his spare time, Ander loves to ski, go to concerts, and go to UT Longhorns football games.



Erick is a highly experienced COO, CFO and management consultant well versed on growing companies in domestic and international markets. At 1855 Supply Co., Erick ensures company goals, policies and daily operations are in sync with customer needs. During his time off work, Erick enjoys spending time with family and traveling internationally.

Kim Turner


Kim has over a decade of experience leading inside sales for both packaging and chemicals companies. At 1855 Supply Co., Kim oversees the day-to-day order flow and processing, logistics, and makes sure customer orders are delivered on time. Outside of work Kim enjoys cooking, reading, spending time with family, and playing pickleball.



Jordi is the strategy guy, making sure that our products and services at 1855 Supply Co. meet the present and future needs of our customers. Jordi has an entrepreneurial background in the packaging and chemicals industries, founding and leading multiple profitable companies. Outside of work, he enjoys family, travel, surfing, and creating music as an award-winning singer-songwriter (www.jordibaizan.com).