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For breweries, distilleries and beverage makers who want to streamline and automate their supply chain, 1855 Supply Co. is the answer. We are a one-stop-shop for your keg and chemical needs, with flexible contract arrangements and extremely responsive service. Put simply, we make it easier for your business to succeed.


Our kegs lead the industry in durability, longevity and quality. Whether you utilize our flexible leasing options or just want to buy a keg, 1855 Supply is your source.


From cleaning products to salts and reactants, 1855 Supply Co is a convenient, easily automated source of brewing and distilling chemical supplies.

Save Time With 1855 Supply

At 1855 Supply Co, we pride ourselves on saving our customers time and therefore money. By streamlining and automating our contracts and order placement processes, we make life easier for our customers and give them time back to focus on their core business.

Our keg and chemical products lead the industry in quality, meaning that our customers can rest easy knowing two of their core supply inputs are well taken care of.

Don't let a lack of capital stall growth

When our customers have a hit product, they need to get it to market at scale quickly. The last thing they want is to “stall out” due to capital challenges. Our flexible keg leasing program allows your brewery or distillery to grow as fast as you want. By leasing rather than buying kegs, you can scale quickly without waiting to raise capital.

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Select the product or products you need - whether it's kegs for lease, kegs for sale or chemicals, we help make securing these supplies easy.

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We offer flexible leasing terms on kegs and automatic delivery options on chemicals. Once we sign an agreement, you are more free to focus on your core business.


Our business is built to serve yours. By streamlining your supply chain using flexible terms, you are now able to grow your business faster and easier than before.

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